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This will be the first time a Nordic Educational Institution will host ECOWEEK. From 13 - 19 May 2013, approximately 300 young architects, architectural technologists, engineers, landscape architects, industrial designers, energy technologists, etc. from around the world, will come to Copenhagen to work with some of the big climate, energy and environmental challenges that cities like Copenhagen are facing.

The theme for Ecoweek Copenhagen is ‘New Nordic Living’. The New Nordic theme – found and celebrated in very different areas of work and life, such as gastronomy, architecture, design, etc. – is highly inspired by the principle of proximity which encourages us to source only local materials to create practical solutions.

During Ecoweek - New Nordic Living, the students participating in the workshops will be encouraged to create sustainable solutions, using primarily local materials and resources, for genuine problem cases facing the city. Moreover, they will be encouraged to work in cooperation with the residents living in the areas where the cases are found.

Ecoweek - New Nordic Living has developed a partnership with the municipality of Copenhagen who has agreed to make part of the city available as a test ground for these solutions. From 2012 until 2016, the North West of Copenhagen – more specifically an area called “Bispebjerg” –will be getting a makeover. The municipality of Copenhagen will provide approximately 30 cases for Ecoweek’s participants to delve into and hopefully produce qualified solutions that the city can work with once Ecoweek - New Nordic Living is over.

ECOWEEK is an independent non-governmental organization (NGO) established in Greece in 2005 and active in 10 countries in Europe and the Middle East. Its mission is to raise environmental awareness and promote the principles of sustainability.

Since 2009 ECOWEEK has been organizing weeklong events for students and young professionals within the construction sector with a focus on sustainability.  These events are one week boot camps combining workshops with lectures from some of the most prominent architects, engineers, urban planners etc. in the field.

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