Kim Vulff Apitz has a diverse professional background: He is a trained engineer and machinist, he has studied music and has a master's degree in pedagogy.

He is employed at KEA / Copenhagen School of Design and Technology as a lecturer at the Production Technologist programme. He is also internship counselor and develops training schedules.


Niels originally graduated as an architect from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and later became a Doctor of Philosophy from The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen with a thesis about the relationship between architecture and architectural Technology. He is lecturing at the Copenhagen School of design and Technology and is researching within the fields of architectural technology and urban space design. Niels is also chairman of the board of ICAT - International Congress of Architectural Technology.


Tine has a degree in Architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen. Since graduating, she has worked in several architecture studios, with the development and design of both new buildings and renovation and refurbishment of existing buildings. Within this framework she has worked with integrating art into architecture in a project housing development at Bispebjerg Bakke. The last 4 years she has taught architecture and material science at KEA / Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, focusing on sustainability.


Anni Bryld graduated from Copenhagen Technical Academy, Denmark, as a bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction Management in 1994. She has worked in several design studios, among others Arkitema, sbs, JMT. She has been working with designing new buildings such as residential buildings, hospitals, offices etc. Furthermore she has been working with refurbishment of old residential areas in Copenhagen. She has been a lecturer at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) since 2005 where she teaches Architecture and Sustainability.

Raffaella Colombo //

Raffaella Colombo graduated from Politecnico of Milan, Italy, as an architect and landscape architect. She has been teaching at the same institute since 1991 and her current course is "History and design of the contemporary garden“. She has taken part in landscaping stages in Australia, India, Mexico, Colombia and she has been invited to participate in various international competitions and workshops as well as giving university lectures.  She writes for cultural magazines and her studies and activities focus on the private and public landscape design in an urban and environmental dimension.

Emilia Costa //

Prof. Emilia Costa is a researcher and teacher in Technology of Architecture at the Faculty of Civil Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano.

As a consultant she has worked with issues regarding building restoration and designing new buildings applying the principles of eco-sustainable architecture. She is currently consulting the Municipality of Modena in the realisation of an eco-sustainable neighbourhood in the area of Cognento. Emilia has published many articles on dealing with ecological topics within the building sector.


Suzanne has a law degree as well as a MBA in real estate. She is currently Vice President of Real Estate Development & Legal Affairs for Groupe Pacific. She tries to inspire a team of passionate professionals from architects to ecologists to create the best possible projects for the twenty first century. Since 2007, Suzanne has been working on a masterplan of a sustainable mixed use community that aims to reduce the carbon footprint of an entire community ( She is active in social housing as well as industrial and commercial projects in Montreal.

Adriano de Luca //

Adriano de Luca is an Industrial Designer who graduated from Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo, FEBASP, Brazil. His specialisation is in projects for Sustainable Architecture and Design. He has worked on research projects at SENAC University looking at recycling aluminium, composites and power generation as well as the development of system connections to sewage networks to capture the basic sanitation in the State of São Paulo.

Talia Dorsey //

Dorsey is founding principal of The Commons Inc, a design and consultancy firm centred on providing strategic vision and intelligent designs for complex projects affecting our built environment. Dorsey pursued her architectural education at Princeton University (BA) and MIT (MArch). Prior to founding The Commons Inc, she spent four years in The Netherlands at OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture), the architectural firm of Rem Koolhaas. Her personal and professional work has received numerous awards and has been published and exhibited internationally. In conjunction with her practice, she is Adjunct Professor at McGill University and has previously taught at the Université de Montréal, Harvard and MIT

Martin Freeman //

Martin Freeman has graduated from the Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen and the Copenhagen Technical Academy. He has worked for several renowned danish architectural studios in the fields of architectural design and realization of social housing, residential homes for elderly and disabled people, cultural and commercial buildings.

He has been lecturing at the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Art and 2012 he began lecturing in architecture, architectural technology and material science at KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

Giorgio Giorgi //

Giorgio Giorgi is an industrial designer, with a PhD from Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade de São Paulo (FAUUSP), where he has been active since 1989, with a focus on product design. Since 2005, he has also collaborated with SENAC design courses.

His design projects, in collaboration with Fabio Falanghe, have been awarded national and international prizes and have been featured in expositions and magazines worldwide. 

James Harty //

James Harty teaches at KEA, Copenhagen School of Design & Technology. His Ph.D. at The Robert Gordon University (2012) researched the impact of digitalisation on the management role of architectural technology. His Masters at University College Dublin (1988) compared house typologies against urban morphologies in Dun Laoghaire. His Bachelor project (UCD 1983) designed maritime facilities at Clogherhead.
James has participated in various international programmes, workshops and charrettes such as ‘Exploring the Public City’; he was also heavily involved in the ‘Temple Bar Study’, Dublin, preserving the medieval centre of Dublin. He has had peer reviewed work published and is external examiner at DIT.


Anne Helene Hornhaver has a degree in Architecture from Aarhus School of Architecture. She has worked as an architect at studios in Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Maastricht.

Since 2011 she has been a lecturer at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA), teaching material science and architecture. 4 years ago she started her own design studio, where she works with construction, renovation and interior design for nurseries, kindergartens and schools, based on anthropological and holistic methods.

Adam Trier Jacobsen //

Adam graduated as an architect from the Danish Royal Academy of fine Arts in Copenhagen and later he also graduated as a Building Econmist. Adam has been co-partner in a private consultancy firm for more than 16 years and in 2012 he started a new consultancy company within architecture and design. Last year Adam also began to teach part time at the KEA. Adam has since 1994 been a fellow member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and here for a period of four years member of the Governing Council.


Michael Angelo has a Master in Industrial Design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. From 1986 - 1992 and then again from 1997 - 2004 he has owned his own studio with focus  on mainly industrial design and exhibitions.

From 1992 - 1997 Michael was Head of the international exhibition department of VELUX. 2004 he started lecturing at KEA / Copenhagen School of Design and Technology and became Head of Studies at KEA in 2005.

Jan Johansson //

Jan Johansson has a degree in Architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen. He is currently a Ph.D fellow at the same institute studying Sustainable Housing. In-between he participated in master classes  in Barcelona. Since 2007 he has been a lecturer in Architecture and Sustainability at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) as well as working independently for various companies in Denmark. Jan was a visiting professor at Politecnico di Milan Bovisa and he has been a workshop leader at ECOWEEK over the past two years. 

Braha Kunda //

Braha Kunda holds a Masters in Architecture as well as a degree in Environmental Design.  She is currently the Head of the Interior Design Department within the Design Fauclty at H.I.T (Holon Institute of Technology), Israel.

Throughout her professional and academic career Braha has been involved in addressing the field of sustainability and community design through teaching and in practice from a contextual human-centred approach.

Ulf Meyer //

Ulf Meyer is an author and journalist in the field of architecture and urban design. He has worked for Shigeru Ban architects in Tokyo/Japan and was a Professor for sustainable architecture and urban design at the Kansas State University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Ulf has published over a thousand articles in newspapers, magazines and books in Germany and abroad.


Robert Miller has a degree in Architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. He has had worked at several architects studios with project ranging from railroad related architecture, planning, industrial lighting, hifi component design to office buildings

Robert has since 2006 been lecturing at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology Intl dept. – KEA – in architecture, materials and surveying. Robert is a NLP licensed practitioner.    


Charlotte has a degree in Architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen as well as a diploma as a construction economist from the Danish Association of Building Economists. Since graduating, she has worked in various architecture studios, with the development and design of both new buildings and renovation and refurbishment of existing buildings in Denmark and abroad. For the last 3½ years she has been the Head of Studies of the international Bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme at KEA.

Myrna Nascimento //

Myrna graduated in Architecture -USP (1985), has a Master in Social Communication, Faculty Casper Libero (1994), MA (1997) and a Ph.D. (2002) in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of São Paulo.

Currently she is a professor and researcher at the University of São Paulo (FAUUSP),  in Architecture and Design courses, and at the University Center SENAC-SP, acting also as coordinator of Postgraduate in Interior Design and teaching in Industrial Design and Architecture courses. Her main research focus is teaching and experimentation in Design and Architecture, semiotics, language and representation.

Natalia Pantelidou //

Natalia Pantelidou graduated  from the University of Thessaly in Volos, Greece as an Architectural Engineer. She is currently completing a MSc in Landscape Architecture at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She has worked on various construction and landscape projects and has written articles for different magazines. She has also designed a mixed use building for Krems-Vienna, Austria as an Artist In Residence. Although, as an architect, her interests include the built environment, as a landscape architect, she is also very concerned with the surrounding context and urban setting.

Elvira Pensa //

Elvira Pensa has a Ph.D. in “Technology and Design for Environmental Quality” as well as Master degrees in both Architecture and Environmental Design. Her research concerns the water cycle in an urban context and the environmental design. She is a Professor of Architectural Technology at the Politecnico di Milano and she is also currently working with the Building Environment Sciences and Technology Department. She has published her studies in various books and technical magazines, as well as presenting them on international platforms. Recently she has published “Blu: progettare ecologicamente con l’acqua” in which she promotes the sustainable approaches and technologies to save water in design and planning at different scales, from buildings to city.


Daniel Pearl is an architect who co-founded l'oeuf ( to concentrate on sustainable and environmental design. He is a part-time associate professor at the University of Montréal.  He is also a founding board member of the Canada Green Building Council and founding Chair of the academic education committee. Daniel has lectured extensively on his company's experimental practice and his own academic research. Driven by a profound sense of ethics and urgency, he is focusing on how we can revive the craft of the “re-Making of Cities” via re-investing in Architecture and the dormant layers of our cultural history.

Elisabetta Pisati //

Elisabetta Piasati has a PhD in Technology and Design for Environmental Quality as well as Master degrees in Architecture and in Environmental Design all from Politecnico di Milano. She has also been teaching at the same institute since 2008. The subject of her courses being Architectural Technology.

As well as teaching she also works in Milan with a variety of projects that range from building redevelopment, new commercial spaces to private residential projects.


Originally trained Production Engineering from Copenhagen Engineering School. Master in technical environmental management from Technical University of Denmark. Has held various jobs in engineering including teaching at various institutions. Lecturer at KEA / Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, department of energy technologists with focus on environment, sustainability, building technology and building envelopment and other building-related subjects including legislation.

Andréa Queiroz Rego //

Rego is a trained architect (1986) and has a doctorate in Urbanism (2006). Currently she teaches and coordinates cources within the fields of urban design and open spaces system (PROARQ). Her specific research object is soundscapes related to the transformations of form and climate of the city. She also works with consulting to malls in order to optimize the energy demand, reducing climate and acoustic impacts. Also, she develops neighborhood impact studies that integrate environmental impact studies, some recently related to the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Thomas Ringhof //

Thomas graduated from the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen and the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. His work was awarded with the Fritz Schlegel price and a grant from the Danish Arts Foundation. Before setting up his own practice he worked for Foster and partners in London and Frankfurt. Together with Beatrix Wuttke he founded Wuttke & Ringhof Architekten BDA MAA. The office has won several open competitions, lately in 2012 a large housing project in Rostock, Germany. Since 2007 the office is based in Copenhagen. 

Jon Emil Stenz //

Jon Emil Stenz has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the University of Southern Denmark where he specialized in Integrated design and product development. He is currently a lecturer at KEA where his main subjects are CAD, technical dimensioning and materials, all in a user-focused design context.

In his professional career he has worked as a Development Engineer in a variety of projects, such as focusing on technical acoustic solutions for theatres and concert halls, as well as in ballistics. He has also participated in several courses and workshops concerning welfare technology.

Claudio Spaziani Testa //

Claudio has a master degree in engineering and construction management and has mainly worked as structural engineer at studios in Denmark and abroad.

Since 2005, he has been head of study at KEA, Copenhagen School of Design and Technology with responsibility for the Danish department of the Architectural Technology and Construction Management course. 


Henning Thomsen has a MA in Architecture from The School of Architecture in Aarhus, a BA in Political Science from Aarhus University, and an MBA from Copenhagen Business School. He teaches at DIS (Danish Institute for Study Abroad), where he runs lecture courses in urban design theory, architecture theory, new nordic design, and studio courses in both architecture and urban design. He is a prolific writer and blogger and also has his own office, Byens Ojne - Office for Urban Quality.


Tabea Treier has a master degree in architecture from ETH, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich as well as a diploma as a construction economist from the Danish Association of Building Economists. She has worked as an architect at studios in Zurich and Copenhagen in the fields of architectural design and realization of new cultural and residential buildings and urban design. Since 2012, she has been a lecturer at KEA / Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, teaching architecture, material science and CAD.

Agnieszka Wójcik //

Agnieska Wójcik has a Ph.D in Architecture from Cracow University of Technology where she is also an Assistant Professor teaching courses on urban and architectural design. Her main areas of interest are urban design, public spaces and water fronts.

She has participated in various international programmes and intensive workshops such as ECO-REHAB II and 'Exploring the Public City' as well as publishing numerous articles.


Ohad Yehieli is an architect living and working in Tel Aviv Jaffa, and leading a design studio at the Tel Aviv University's School of Architecture from which he graduated in 2000. The architectural office, Ohad Yehieli Architects (OYA) is involved with numerous projects in a variety of uses, housing, private residence, commerce and industry. After dealing with the Narrowest House in Tel Aviv Jaffa, barely 3.65 m in width, the firm is happy to be involved and intrigued by the design of projects of challenging conditions.

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