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Come join the KEA Alumni New Year’s reception. Strengthen your network, hear Erick Thürmer speak about his visions of our future with robots and artificial intelligence and enjoy a glass of champagne and a marzipan ring.


At the first KEA Alumni New Year’s reception, you have the opportunity to hear CEO Erick Thürmer talk about how he managed to dust Thürmer Tools off and bring the company into the 21st century. In just three years, Thürmer Tools has gone from being a forgotten, old and dusty company with no raison d’être to a modern tech and data driven company that mingles with the greatest in its field.

Thürmer Tools has taken out a world patent for making 3D printed tools, and with that in hand, they hope to be better prepared for the future. The 3D printed product can be produced in half the time, will have its lifespan doubled and can be delivered at half the price – even when the production is placed in Denmark.

Starting from Moore’s law, computer doubling and futuretech, Erick Thürmer wants to invite you on board an exponential journey towards the multi-planetary civilisation of the future where robots and artificial intelligence are part of everyday life in the businesses.


After Erick Thürmer’s presentation, you will have a great opportunity to strengthen your network and meet your former fellow students with a glass of champagne in one hand and a ring of marzipan in the other.


We are looking forward to seeing KEA Alumni at the New Year’s reception :-)


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