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Career opportunities

As an educated web developper you will typically be able to find job in internal development departments of companies of all sizes, or in large consulting or software firms in the area of web applications.

You can be employed for example as:

• Front- or back end developer
• Programmer
• Web master
• Web programmer
• Web shop manager and developer
• Internal programmer
• Web designer

Further education

The programme will qualify you to continue relevant educational studies at masters degree level at a Danish or international university.

IT-University of CopenhagenMSc in Digital Innovation & Management
IT-University of CopenhagenMSc in Digital Design & Communication
IT-University of CopenhagenMSc Software Development and Technology
IT-University of CopenhagenMSc in Games 

Please be aware of specific requirements at some of the specialisations.

It is always a good idea to contact the study advisor if you want to know more about which programmes you are qualified to study when you have finished your BA Programme in Web Development.

Go to Facts to find the relevant study advisor.

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