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Design & Business (BA)

Bachelor in DESIGN and BUSINESS is a top-up study programme of 1½ year with six Danish and two international specialisation directions, all aimed at different markets within the fashion and lifestyle trade. During three intense semesters you learn how to plan, manage and carry out complex, analytical and creative assignments with relevant practice and theory. This means that you can afterwards work as for instance concept developer, brand designer, entrepreneur, purchaser, sustainable fashion designer or pattern designer.


5th semester:

Joint part (15 ECTS) in the following subjects:

Design, Business, Sociology and Knowledge Production and Method

Specialisation direction (10 ECTS):

Communication Design & Media

Elective (5 ECTS)


6th semester:

Specialisation direction (20 ECTS):

Communication Design & Media (INT) or Brand Design (INT)

Elective (5 ECTS)

Internship (5 ECTS)


7th semester:

Internship, continued (10 ECTS)

Bachelor project (20 ECTS)


The subjects design, business, sociology, knowledge production and method are basic to all specialisation directions. As a main thread through the entire course of your studies, you will be in close contact with companies in cooperation with whom you develop concepts and/or products. Internship in a company is also part of the study. During an internship you can test your skills in practice and obtain useful experience with working in the trade. This means that already as a BA student in DESIGN and BUSINESS at KEA you will establish a ready-to-use connection and network to the trade. In the course of your study you will also get to visit both companies and educational institutions in Denmark and abroad – e.g. in connection with travels, internship and exchange.

Communication Design & Media (INT)

You will learn to work in an innovative way in the cross field between tendencies, sociology, rhetoric and graphic design in order to be able to deliver innovative communication, both written and visually, on different media platforms. Read more.

Brand Design (INT)

A brand designer works strategically and creatively with designing strong brands that tie in with current customer needs and expectations on the basis of in-depth analyses of businesses, markets, cultures and trends. Read more.

The international "Sustainable Fashion (INT)" specialisation will not be offered from 2017.
The current international "Fashion Management (INT)" specialisation will continue as a Danish study from the summer of 2017.

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