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Shutdown of international study places

Dear applicant.

As a consequence of a political decision just made by the Danish Government, the number of international study places at the Danish business academies (“danske erhvervsakademier”) will be substantially reduced. KEA therefore has to cancel admission for students to the international Digital Concept Development programme with immediate effect. It will, however, be possible to apply for admission to the equivalent programme in Danish, Digital Konceptudvikling. You can find the application form here.

KEA, April 4th 2017

Digital Concept development (BA)

Digital Concept Development is a 1½-year program teaching strategic concept development within digital commerce, design, marketing, and communication.

The education qualifies the student to work with developing communication and design concepts, digital solutions, and strategic concepts for advertising and marketing agencies with a digital profile, as well as with e-commerce, web, and design agencies. In addition, it qualifies students to manage web shops and other digital commerce solutions.

The education consists of both mandatory and elective subjects, allowing you to tailor your education to your interests and goals. The entire program is run in an agency environment, where close collaboration with businesses from relevant industries, as guest lecturers, case partners and more, is a key part of the day-to-day work.


1st semester:

Concept and Business Development (10 ECTS)
Project Management A (5 ECTS)
User Research and Methodology (5 ECTS)
Philosophy of Science (5 ECTS)
Understanding Technology (5 ECTS)




2nd semester:

Communication and Marketing (10 ECTS)
Project Management B (5 ECTS)
Digital Design (15 ECTS) Elective
Digital Commerce (15 ECTS) Elective

3rd semester:
Internship (15 ETCS), Exam Project (15 ETCS)

First Semester Subjects

Concept and Business Development, 10 ECTS

The student must learn to develop digital concepts that create value for both sender and receiver, and are based on the student’s understanding of business. The teaching focuses on improving existing concepts and developing new concepts and solutions for businesses and organisations as well as solutions relating to local and international digital commerce, digital design, digital marketing and digital communication.

Project Management A, 5 ECTS
The student must learn to form part of a project team that develops and implements concepts and communication solutions, including performing in a project management role. The student must learn to assess and choose the most appropriate method under various circumstances.

User Research and Methodology, 5 ECTS
The student must acquire an understanding of the concept and use of surveys. The student must be able to carry out formative and summative user research of experience and behaviour, in other words performing research early in the development process and of the final concept. The student must be capable of evaluating formative and summative research and the suitability of different methods and determine how changes to information architecture and design can optimise user experience.

Understanding Technology, 5 ECTS
The student must be able to independently reflect on and understand the interplay between man, society, digital media and technological development on the basis of relevant theories, methods and analyses. The student must be able to use this knowledge strategically and creatively to develop cross-disciplinary digital concepts across different media and platforms, both locally and globally. In addition, the student must have broad insight into the most important trends within technological development, methods and theories that influence cross-disciplinary concept development.

Philosophy of Science, 5 ECTS
The student must acquire an understanding of different schools of thought within philosophy of science and understand how knowledge is created. This is achieved through an understanding of philosophy of science and methodology and through knowledge of basic scientific methods and the ability to apply quantitative and qualitative study methods to philosophy of science and methodology.

Second Semester Subjects

Communication and Marketing, 10 ECTS

The student must learn to analyse, develop and implement marketing concepts in companies and organisations that are capable of attracting, converting and keeping users/customers in the most effective manner. The student must learn to develop digital concepts for companies and organisations in local and international markets based on communication strategies.

Project Management B, 5 ECTS

The student must learn to handle complex project management tasks. The student must become capable of assessing and choosing the right method in the light of available project finances. The student must learn to be an active player in negotiations and be capable of prioritising resources so as to achieve the best possible quality in the project.

Digital Commerce, 15 ECTS

The student must learn to develop concepts for digital commerce and service platforms and create or further develop relevant channels of communication. The focus is on the overall concept and involves strategic considerations, optimisation and management of solutions.

Digital Design, 15 ECTS

The student must learn to develop strategically based digital concepts for companies and organisations in local and international markets.


1st semester
Examination: External

2nd semester

Examination: External

3rd semester

Examination: Internal (internship), External (Exam Project)

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