Software development (BA) ::

Software development (BA)

In the top-up programme in Software Development you will learn how to design and program large, data-heavy and distributed systems. You will work with all of the various aspects of the software development process, such as databases, contracts, tests, system integration, project management and system development.
During the course of your studies you will be in close contact with the business community and you will, for example, write papers in cooperation with a business. You will also be an intern in a business in which you can try out your competencies in practice. We cooperate with a large number of businesses.


1st and 2nd semester:
Databases for system developers (10 ECTS) 
Test (10 ECTS)
System integration (10 ECTS)
Development of large systems (10 ECTS)
Elective 20 (25 ECTS)

3rd semester:
Internship (15 ETCS)
Final Exam Project (15 ETCS)

Databases for system developers
Database types, database optimisation, administrative tools, transactions, security.  In the module you will learn to choose and use the correct database solutions for various tasks.  In addition, you will also analyse and work with large databases and tasks, such as redesign and operations optimization.
Test strategies, types, models, verification, validation, contracts.  In the module you will learn to plan, carry out tests, and integrate tests in strategies, development processes and quality assurance.
System integration
Data conversion, migration, standards, SOA - service-oriented architecture.  In the module you will learn to integrate existing systems and integrate existing systems in connection with the development of new systems. You also learn to develop new systems that support integration in the future.

Development of large systems
Management techniques, quality systems, distributed development, patterns and frameworks. In the module you will learn how to plan and manage development processes with many project participants. You will also learn how to design and implement large systems that consist of small parts from independent development groups. 
In addition to the obligatory part of the programme, there is an elective part in which you can specialise in, for example, Project Management.  

In addition, it is possible to choose Theory of Science.  A supplementary module, which teaches you to deal with the relationships between people, science and technology based on philosophic epistemology and theory of science.  

You enter into a 2 months internship in a business either in Denmark or abroad. The Copenhagen School of Design and Technology has an internship coordinator for all students to help you with the practical questions regarding the internship that you find yourself.  

Final exam project  
For the final examination project you write a report within one of the subjects in the programme.  


1st and 2nd semester
Examination: 3 external, 3 internal

3rd semester
Examination: 1 internal (internship), 1 external (Final Exam Project)

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