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Web development (BA)

At the top-up programme in Web Development you will learn how to undertake the design and construction of web applications of all sizes. You will be working creatively with coding, creating realistic projects while you improve your development and programming skills to a professional level.

During the course of your studies you will be in close contact with the business community and you will, for example, write papers in cooperation with a business. You will also be an intern in a business in which you can try out your competencies in practice. We cooperate with a large number of businesses.


1st semester:
Web Programming and Network (10 ECTS), Development Environments and CMS (10 ECTS),
Interface Design and Digital Aestethics (10 ECTS)

2nd semester:
XML  and Databases (10 ECTS) 

2 courses determined at each semester start. The course subjects can be taken from the list of possible elective subjects but are not limited to these. Examples of courses held: Mobile Platforms, Advanced Media Technology (10 ECTS for each course)

3rd semester:
Internship (15 ETCS), Final Exam Project (15 ETCS)

Web Programming and Network
This module is currently based on C# and Visual Studio 2010, where we build and extend an ecommerce web project based on sample code from the course literature. The web shop is built using the ASP.Net MVC Framework.

Development Environments and CMS 
Expanding on knowledge from the module ‘Web Programming and Network’, certain aspects of known ecommerce solutions are implemented in a CMS built on top of the ASP.Net MVC Framework. This enables the reuse of concepts previously taught, while adapting and changing these to accommodate a larger framework setting and customizing the solution to fit the CMS in question.

XML  and Databases
The relational model or XML as an integrating part in a web application.

Interface Design and Digital Aestethics
The connection between functionality and design, enabling rich client-side interaction through the use of javascript and javascript libraries like jQuery and Prototype.

Elective subjects
In addition to the mandatory parts of the programme, two subjects are offered each semester from the electives package, which you, depending on the combination of subjects, can specialise within, for example: Project Management, Quality Assurance, Mobile Platforms, Advanced Media Technologies

10 week internship at a company of the student’s choice, where there will be further opportunity to develop the skills needed in the industry and apply theory to practice. During the internship, one of the lecturers will function as mentor for the student, and the student will produce a set of learning goals and an internship diary

Final exam project
This exam is an individual exam project. The project should conclude in a written report which will be presented orally. As far as possible, the exam is conducted in cooperation with a company. The student should be able to convert theory and strategical thinking into working tactical solution suggestions


1st semester
Examination: 2 external, 1 internal

2nd semester
Examination: 1 external, 2 internal

3rd semester
Examination: 1 internal (internship), 1 external (Final Exam Project)

Pictures on the page: Backend and frontend programming of a commercial site created by two students of BA in Web Development

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