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Job opportunities

As an educated computer scientist you can work with many different tasks within information technology. You can design IT systems as well as program and maintain large databases. You can also function as a consultant and advisor.

The lack of computer scientists means that you can expect to have a very good salary when you have finished your education. The latest figures show that newly educated data technologists, after a half year of employment, earn between DKK 28,000 and 30,000 a month.

Typical jobs include Web developer, system administrator and system designer. You can find job offers from these links:
Computer science and programming jobs - Danish
Java programming - English and Danish
C++ programming - English and Danish

As a Web developer, you would use your creative, logical and systematic skills and be responsible for programming a home page's functionality.

A System administrator is a business's most important person within IT, and you would typically work with:

  • adding and configuring new workstations
  • creating user accounts
  • installing software in the entire system
  • make procedures for preventing the spread of viruses
  • allocate extra storage.

As a System designer you would, in cooperation with the user, find the requirements that the system must fulfil. The requirements must be analysed and models of the system set up to be used as the basis for programming. As a system designer you would be an important part of exciting development projects.

Picture on this page: A program which handles bookings, cancellations and reservation of tickets in an easy and user friendly way. Developed by students from computer science.


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