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Design, Technology and Business specialisations

As a student at Design, Technology and Business you must choose a field of study, that you would like to specialise in. Currently you can choose only one specialisation: Marketing & Communication Design (INT).

The BA in Design & Business and the AP in Design, Technology and Business programmes at KEA DESIGN are being politically regulated due to the current employment rates in Denmark. This means that there will be a cut in the number of available student positions at both programmes, starting from this summer’s admission tests 2017.
The following changes will take effect from admission 2017 and until further notice:

The international "Sustainable Fashion (INT)" specialisation will not be offered from 2017 (but Marketing and Communication Design (INT) will continue the international specialisation).

Marketing & Communication Design (INT)

A Marketing & Communication Designer has interdisciplinary competencies within communication, concept development and visual communication – for a job market that is looking for professionals who have a special understanding of the dynamic that characterises the marketing and media world today.

You will learn to work professionally and in a market-oriented and contemporary way, using visual, written and digital communication based on a holistic approach to design and process.

This specialisation will cover the key areas of visual communication, concept development and management. We start with conceptual communication, and campaign and cross-media solutions.

The tasks will be solved individually and in groups/teams. We will work with a holistic approach with regard to process and the understanding of method – often in close collaboration with the business community. During classes, you will work with cases about or related to the real world, and create communication and marketing that is based on strategy and relevant theory and empirical methods.

You will acquire knowledge and tools and marketing disciplines related to communication, the market, international market perspectives, target groups, consumer behaviour, trends and lifestyle. 

This knowledge will provide you with the competencies to be able to assess and use the relevant theory, collect data, process and assess market data for understanding the market and the consumers. In addition, you will develop and maintain product and concept solutions within marketing, nationally and internationally.

When you have completed the programme, you will typically be able to assist in work in areas such as Marketing/PR/Event coordination or work as a communication assistant.

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