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At the IT-Technology programme, teaching is a dynamic and interactive process, the most important element of which is the students’ active participation.

The students are responsible for their own learning, and both students and teachers contribute constructively to the learning process.
Teaching is a combination of group instruction, project work in groups and individual work – typically involving interdisciplinary issues and always on an application-oriented basis.

In order to ensure optimal learning and personal development for the individual students, the programme uses varied educational methods focusing on dialogue, discussion and projects. The teaching methods used are varied with, among other things, group instruction, work in teams, interdisciplinary cases, theme work, guest lectures, visits to companies and project work.

You will be involved in many projects during the time of your study, since every semester have modules that usually end up with a project or an individual assignment. These projects are multi-disciplinary, and as such their preparation involves all the disciplines. The students plan and manage their projects themselves but are supported by the ordinary theory tuition which runs alongside the project work and is as far as possible directly related to the project. Researching information e.g. using the reading room and the Internet are also important components of the project work. Our students are very independent and therefore are the projects creative and very different, where all aspect of the study’s subjects is involved.

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