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Production Technology


Students in the production technologist programme learn to use technical, innovative, creative and analytical skills relating to production and product development.

During the first year of study, you will gain a basic understanding in a range of core areas, including: product development and design, construction, materials and manufacturing processes, and business technology.

You then have the opportunity to tailor the programme to your specific areas of interest. Choose from two areas of specialisation: product development or production and process optimisation.

Structure of the programme

In total 1st og 2nd semester give 60 ECTS:
1st semester is built up on courses
2nd semester is built up on project course based on learning from 1st semester

1st semester:
Product development and design (9 ECTS),
Construction (11 ECTS), 
Materials and manufacturing processes (9 ECTS),
Business technology (10 ECTS),
roduction technology (7 ECTS),
echnical documentation (6 ECTS), 
Method (8 ECTS)

2nd semester:
Project Course

3rd semester:
Automation (5 ECTS), Electives (25 ECTS)
4th semester:
Internship (15 ECTS), Examination project (15 ECTS)


The Production Technology programme has two internal and three external exams.

The 2nd semester has a external oral exam based on a large group project. The exam is graded on the 7-point scale.

The subject Automation has an intern written examination on 3rd semester. The grade is individual and given according to the 7-point scale. At the end of the third semester, an individual external exam is given on the basis of a project report. 

An internship exam follows the 4th semester internship. The exam is graded on the 7-point scale.

The final exam project at the end of the 4th semester covers the entire curriculum of the programme. A project is written, followed by an oral presentation that is assessed externally. The exam is graded on the 7-point scale.

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