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Elective will only be held if an adequate amount of students are enrolled.

Duration:3½ years (210 ECTS)
Address: Prinsesse Charlottes Gade 38, 2200 Copenhagen N
T: 46 46 0311, 46 46 0313, 46 46 03 14
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If you wish to have Danish as the language of instruction, you can choose the Danish programme, Bygningskonstruktør.

Books (approximately DKK 20,000 during the course of 3½ years), and your own notebook (Windows). 

Further IT-specification to you computer you will receive when accepted at the program.

In addition there will be expenses of approximately 800.00 DKK to safety equipment for use during site visits.

Tuition fees:

Tuition fee terms 2016:
Nordic/EU/EAA students: free of charge
Non-EU citizens must pay a tuition fee of € 6,100 per semester.

There is no fee for following students: 
• Students from the European Union (EU) 
• Students from EEA countries (Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland) 
• Students from Schwitzerland 
• Students who are granted permanent residency or time-limited permit with the possibility of permanent residence in Denmark 
• Students exchanged with Danish students as part of a bilateral agreement with an educational instituion abroad 
• Students who are granted residence permit under §9c, paragraph 1 of the Aliens Act as the accompanying child of a foreigner with a residency permit issued under pursuant to section 9a of the Aliens Act

Application Fee:Non-EU applicants are required to pay an application fee in order for KEA to process their application. For more information regarding the application fee, please check this link 

Information about Scholarship


Current Curriculum 2016

Addendum to Curriculum

Framework for curriculum

Learning objectives:
1st semester
2nd semester
3rd semester
4th semester
5th semester
6th semester
7th semester

Facilities Management
Design Consultancy
Construction Management

Elective will only be held if an adequate amount of students are enrolled.


Diploma Supplement:

KEA issues a Diploma Supplement in English automatically at the end of your studies, as a supplement to your diploma. The Diploma Supplement is designed to provide a description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the qualification. The Diploma Supplement contains a description of KEA Copenhagen School of Design and Technology and the Danish educational system.

Code of Conduct:Download Code of Conduct (DK version)
Download Code of Conduct (UK version)

The Admittance secretariat: T: +45 46 46 07 00 or applicant@kea.dk or the Study and Career Guidance at studievejledning@kea.dk  

Study and career advisor
Peter Askov
E: pa@kea.dk / T: 4646 0421
Telephone hours: Monday-Wednesday + Friday at 9-11 

Pictures on this page: Student project about buildings in Herlev.
Made by the group 

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