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Further education

As a BA in Architectural Technology and Construction Management you can participate in a higher education programme at masters degree level. You could continue on one of the following educations: 

Aalborg Universitet: Entrepreneurial Engineering
Aalborg Universitet: Management in the Building Industry
Aalborg Universitet: Building Energy Design
Aalborg Universitet: Risk and Safety Management

Bachelor or Master of Architectural Design
There is also the possibility of entering a Bachelor programme at the Danish schools of architecture. 

Please observe that you do not get any course credit for the 3 1/2 years' Bachelor programme at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology when applying for admittance to the Danish schools of architecture. However, quite a few international students from our school have continued their education here: Copenhagen: KADK School of Architecture or Aarhus: Aarhus School of Architecture 

Part-time Master programmes, taught in English
ln Denmark the term Master Degree often refers to further education carried out as part time study over the course of normally 2 years. Course instruction is usually organized so that it is possible to go to work while taking the degree. As a rule at least 2 years' relevant work experience is required. Tuition fee is charged by the university and sometimes paid (in part) by the employer.

Masters Abroad 
ln general, a Danish bachelor degree in constructing architecture secures eligibility to relevant university programmes abroad. Quite a few Bachelors of Architectural Technology and Construction Management have continued their education in Great Britain. Built Environment Programmes have a good reputation, tuition fees are reasonable and costs of living relatively low.

Edinburgh Napier University: MSc Architectural Technology and Building
Northumbria University : MSc Project Management

Masters in other European countries or overseas
It can be a good idea to start your search for relevant further education programmes or schools where others have already started clearing the trail.
Start therefore with having a look at the list of institutions that Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, Bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme, cooperate with - e.g. in connection with ERASMUS student exchange programmes.

Contact the career advisor
It is always a good idea to contact the career advisor if you want to know more about which programmes you are qualified to study when you have finished your AP Programme in Computer Science.

Go to Facts to find the relevant career advisor.

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