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Outgoing exchange students

As a full degree KEA student, you have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester at one of our international partner institutions. You can go abroad in either 3rd or 5th semester.

Every semester, the International Coordinator invites all 1st, 2nd and 3rd semester students to an information meeting. The information meetings are scheduled in Webuntis.

For criteria and requirements, please visit FRONTER:
Inside the room “Info for all students and teachers…”/folder INTERNATIONAL you will find all the relevant information about international exchange. Relevant application forms etc. can also be downloaded.

Application deadlines:

1st November (for a stay abroad during the following autumn semester)
1st May (for a stay abroad during the following spring semester)

It is also possible to spend the 6th semester (internship) abroad and to work in a foreign company. Contact your internship coordinator, if you want to hear more. If you haven’t yet been appointed an internship coordinator, contact your Head of Program.

For further information please contact the International Coordinator, Sophia Vejlgaard, sopv@kea.dk, phone (0045)4646 0304.

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