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Staff mobility

All teachers and administrative employees at KEA Copenhagen School of Design and Technology have the opportunity to participate in the teacher/staff mobility programme. This programme is part of the ERASMUS mobility programme.

You may visit any of our ERASMUS partner institutions, and your department will be entitled to an ERASMUS grant covering your travel expenses.

The partner institution should be contacted by the International Coordinator. You will be allocated a local “buddy” – typically another teacher/staff member at the partner institution with whom you will make a work plan for your stay.

A teacher’s visit includes a teaching programme of minimum 5 lessons at the partner institution - this could be regular teaching, giving a lecture or assisting a local colleague. Administrative staff do “job shadowing”. They follow their colleagues’ work at the partner school – a bit like an internship.

You can travel one or two weeks. Administrative employees can travel 3 days only, if they e.g. have small children.

Please consult FRONTER (Info til alle studerende og ansatte/INTERNATIONAL/STAFF MOBILITY) or the International Coordinator if you have any questions:, phone (0045)4646 0304.


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