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Study form

On the Bachelor programme, the tuition is based mainly on architect and civil engineering projects, which the student will complete in one semester. Project work is carried out in groups and provides the pivotal focus of the teaching. Students are examined on this project.

These projects are multi-disciplinary, and as such their preparation involves all the disciplines. The students plan and manage their projects themselves but are supported by the theory tuition which runs alongside the project work and is in any way possible directly related to the project. Researching information e.g. using the library and the internet are also important components of the project work.

All classes have an online timetable showing when an individual teacher will be giving classes. At the beginning of the semester, the teacher will typically lecture in theory; and later in the semester the teacher will act mostly as the students' project consultant, helping them with any problems related to their projects etc.

All classes have a studio with desks for each student. Every student is expected to bring his/her own computer or to lease a laptop computer through the school. The studio is the "base camp" of the class which the students have fitted out with a coffee machine etc.

Teaching and learning principles
We emphasize project work undertaken in groups of three to five students, and groups will of course consist of students of various nationalities. The project work is backed by lectures and short exercises which we attempt to schedule in such a way as to achieve the greatest possible synergy between the theoretical learning and the practical project work.

We have been happy to see that also our foreign students have been extremely satisfied with this teaching method. As far as the international programme itself is concerned, we feel that we gain an additional pedagogical benefit from being able to put together project groups that consist of students of various nationalities.

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