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KEA Global

KEA Global is KEA's international coordination unit. The centre handles relations with international partner institutions, foreign authorities and international agents.

KEA’s Global group works to make a global mindset an integrated part of the institution. We ensure that our students and our staff members have opportunities to study and work outside of Denmark, and we invite foreign students and staff to study and work at KEA. Furthermore, we engage in cross-disciplinary international projects with students, companies and universities worldwide.

We are also in charge of international recruitment, and we coordinate KEA's presence at student/education fairs abroad.

KEA Global - Staff

Eva Valcke

Director KEA Student Affairs 
T: +45 5164 9893
Elizabeth Jill MacDougall ArcherInternational Relations 
T: +45 2326 3944
Anne Dibbern

International Coordinator, DIGITAL 
T: +45 4088 3665
Andreas Berger

International Coordinator, TECH + BUILD 
T: +45 2148 0134
Sophia Vejlgaard

Senior Executive Adviser 
T: +45 4018 8868
Tim Hubbard

International Coordinator, DESIGN
T: +45 2382 2042

Cristina Macavei

International Recruitment and Retention 
T: +45 2036 9545

Iben Ørbæk Andersen

T: +45 2264 0788

Mie Levin Mørkeberg (maternity leave)

Camilla Kjerulf Christensen

Housing Coordinators 



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