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E-concept Development is now Digital Concept Development

It may not seem like a big change, but it is important. Starting this semester, E-concept Development is now Digital Concept Development.

The change is happening as part of a programme review carried out in collaboration with various industry companies. It means that the programme is now more sharp-angled than in the past, and now even better at meeting labour market needs.

Head of Education Ola Pukki explains:

“The programme has been running for five years, and already when it started ‘e-concept’ was an old word. And given the times we live in, we felt it was time for a renewal," he says about the process, which involved all of the country's business academies.

According to Pukki, it is very much the companies themselves who have managed the process and call it a prime example of how an educational review should be conducted.

"In our view, it is the companies that have managed the process, and we have interpreted the things under discussion. Everything has have been directed toward it being their needs that should be met. After all, that is our purpose.” Pukki added that this means that the programme going forward will be much more up-to-date. 

"We have got rid of some concepts that are no longer in use. We have removed all the ‘e-words’, because we do not believe that they are current anymore. Our focus is on the digital link between platforms; thus the new name and content are much more accurate."

New name, new curriculum

With the new name, a significantly different curriculum is also coming. The former elective courses no longer exist, but have evolved into new subjects. For example, the electives in marketing and communication have been merged into a new subject, where the link between the areas is clarified and gives students a better foundation, since they formerly had to choose between the subjects.

"This means that the students might not have so many choices, but on the other hand, they will come out with a much sharper profile. It is still a generalist education, but it's not as variegated as it has been, so to speak” says Pukki, stressing that the immediate reaction to this change has been positive.

"The new students have searched on the old name, but have been presented with the new name and the new curriculum here in the semester start, and already there has been great enthusiasm, from both continuing and new students, as well as former students who have commented on social media. Of course, we hope that the enthusiasm will continue”, he concludes.

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