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Last fall, several students from KEA’s BUILD programmes participated in an International Architecture workshop in Belgrade. One of the workshop groups delivered such a great result that the city council has decided to build their project.

’Under the bridge’ is the title of one of Red Hot Chili Peppers biggest hits. It is also the title of the workshop in which several KEA students participated last October. The theme of the workshop was ’Water Living’, involving a challenge on how to rethink and rebuild a dock and harbour area under a bridge over the Danube river with sustainable and future proofed buildings.

One member of the winning group 1 is Jan Szonert, who is currently studying at KEA’s Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme. His group’s winning project was so spectacular that the city council of Belgrade has decided to bring their project idea ‘NEW SAVAMALA LANDSCAPE’ to life.

Their idea begins in the city landscape and creates an entire new landscape: A hill under the bridge will become an amphitheatre. The Spanish house will be a digital art gallery, and the bridge pylons will also serve as exhibition space and a screen where you can sit in the amphitheatre and enjoy a movie or a concert. Furthermore, the project includes a climbing wall and a café, and all of the lighting consists of motion sensor activated LED. The supply of water comes from rainwater.     

”The group created some very feasible solutions, and it was they who realized this special space ’under the bridge in Belgrade’ in the best way. The city council emphasized that the winning solution was realisable and at the same time could lay the groundwork for the future shaping of the public space in Belgrade. They were also the group who had a solution with the greatest potential to activate some neglected zones – not least on the inside of the bridge pylons. Their design is modern, and the concept is especially strong in relation to establishing a connection between the  different areas – whether you want to relax or socialize,” says Prof. Dr. Jelena Ivanović-Vojvodić.

From now on, all the formal procedures begin, and the project is expected to be ready to be inaugurated in a year.


Andrea Cazzarolli (Italian, Politecnico di Milano)

Cai Jianming (Chinese, Politecnico di Milano)

Isidora Todorović (Serbian, Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade University)

Jan Szonert (Polish, KEA Copenhagen)

Marinela Marković (Serbian, Faculty of Arts and Design, University John Naisbitt)

Miloš Pešić (Serbian, Faculty of Arts and Design, University John Naisbitt)

Tan Li (Chinese, Politecnico di Milano)

Mentor: Prof dr Jelena Ivanović-Vojvodić Assistant: Natalija Jovanović

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