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The study environment at KEA is relaxed and informal. We have an open learning environment e.g. not all class rooms have walls, teachers wear casual clothing and students address them by their first names.

Lessons are scheduled and students are part of a specific semester class. Students often work in project groups of 3 to 5 people. As a student at KEA you will not always be told exactly what to do. Teachers provide knowledge, guidance and counseling, but you are expected to take responsibility for your own learning and and the common results of your group.

Learning at KEA is to a great extent digitised which requires basic IT skills and the appropriate IT equipment for your specific programme (find out which in the FACTS section in the Programmes descriptions).

All communication regarding the day to day studies, e.g. assignments, hand-ins, cancellations, bulletins, etc. is taking place in our learning management system, Fronter.

New students receive a thorough introduction to all relevant topics. Also, our Study Guide can give you additional information about studying at KEA.

For information about study programmes or admission go to CONTACT. Find out more about KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology on Facebook and YOUtube. For comments about the website, contact the webmaster.