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Student Representation at KEA

Student democracy is an important part of KEA's organisation. The students are represented and have influence in bodies at a number of levels and with different focus areas.


The students have two members in KEA's management board. Every student at KEA has the right to candidate and to vote. 

The board also consists of two teachers and 13 external members who represent the industry and the labour market. In contrast to the internal students and teachers, the external members, who are all interested parties with regard to KEA, are appointed by organisations, educational institutions, municipalities and councils of Danish Regions. 


The educational committee is a body that covers one or more related programmes and provides advice on competence requirements and development in the business area.

The students have two members in the educational committee. The two students are elected by the students in the programmes covered by the educational committee.

The other members of the educational committee are “customer” representatives, such as business organisations, and institutions providing upper secondary and related higher education. Finally, the head of study and two teacher representatives are members of the educational committee. 


The Joint Student Council at KEA (KEA Fællesråd – KEAFR) safeguards the interests of all KEA students. KEAFR is the overall representative body for students at KEA and is composed of 2-3 members from each Local Student Councils (DSR) at the individual study programmes.

The Local Student Council (DSR) is a national umbrella organisation representing the interests of students.

You can contact KEA DRS at


At KEA, each class elects a class representative for one semester at a time.

The class representatives and the head of study meet a couple of times per semester to discuss questions from the class or from KEA.  Moreover, they receive evaluations in which the students must participate.

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