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Centre for Educational Quality

The centre is responsible for a number of cross-disciplinary tasks in connection with the development and quality assurance of KEA's programmes. 

  • Development and quality assurance
  • The preparation of statistics and analyses
  • Evaluations and accreditation, approval of programmes
  • Guidance regarding the legal framework for KEA's programmes.

Improving the Study environment

One of Quality's main purposes is to monitor the study environment at KEA and to launch initiatives in cooperation with other departments (e.g. IT, the study programmes or Facilities Management) to improve satisfaction ratings.

KEA has a total of:

Full time students: 5400+

International full time students: 1200

Part time students (KEA Competence): 3445

Employees: 500+


If you have questions please contact the Centre for Educational Quality at:
KEA Guldbergsgade 29N, Store Anneks, P2
2200 København N

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