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Entrepreneurial training internship - An exclusive opportunity

In June, July & August KEA INKubator offers a targeted entrepreneurship course if your internship is in entrepreneurial training. Application deadline: May 22nd

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The aim of KEA INKubator is to help students with entrepreneurial ambitions, from any of KEA’s degree programmes, to transform their business ideas into an actual business.

As part of KEA INKubator you will receive:

  • A place in our office community at the Lille Anneks building, P2, at Guldbergsgade 29N, 2200 Copenhagen N  
  • A mentor from the KEA INKubator team who will guide you and your project in the development phase
  • A professional network consisting of fellow students that are working with entrepreneurship
  • A social community with like-minded people
  • Offers regarding relevant talks and workshops
  • A chance to focus and really delve into turning your idea into a business

When you are a part of KEA INKubator we demand that:

  • You work on achieving your growth goals and realizing your business idea
  • You are actively engaged in your studies
  • You join in and engage in communities within the KEA INKubator framework and share your ideas, ∙ knowledge and experiences 
  • You follow the Code of Conduct for KEA INKubator
  • You participate in the qualitative and quantitative evaluations that Applied Research & Innovation initiates
  • You can supply collaboration agreements, if the business consists of more than one person
  • You have a valid contract with KEA INKubator 

As a starting point all contracts with KEA INKubator consist of a three month period commencing the day the contract is signed, unless something else is written in the specific contract. It is possible to apply for an extended contract as long as you are still actively engaged in your studies at KEA and can document progression, in relation to your growth goals, that are set out in the current contract. If the extension is approved, a new contract will be made with a new set of growth goals for the extended period of time.

If you finish your degree before your contract runs out, it is possible to continue for the remaining period of time. It is not, however, possible to renew a contract once you have graduated.

Contracts can not be extended more than four times, and so no one can be part of KEA INKubator for more than a year at the most.

Contracts can be annulled by both parties at any given time if the mutual agreements are not met.

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Contract Entrepreneurial Internship
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