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Business oriented education - a joint task

KEA offers a number of very different academy and bachelor programmes with one common feature – they are all oriented towards the business sector and attach an equal amount of weight to theory and practice. Cooperation with enterprises in Denmark and abroad is therefore important to the quality of the programmes offered by KEA.

All the educational programmes have been and are continuously being developed in close cooperation with businesses to ensure that the graduates live up to the business sector’s demands. Businesses are on a continuous basis included in the normal educational programme and project work, and when their employees are censors, they play a role in the evaluation of the students’ performance at the examinations.

Business-related further education is a joint task for educational institutions and businesses with the one overall goal: to educate competent future employees. KEA is always open for professional input and enquiries from businesses on possible cooperation.

KEA - a professional and international approach

At KEA we are deeply focused on delivering practical and business oriented educations which enables and encourages students to act innovatively.

Our mission is to educate highly skilled and professional designers, communicators and technologists who are able to work in an international context. Our aim is to become a centre for education, knowledge development and knowledge sharing within Denmark and across borders. As such Copenhagen School of Design and Technology is dedicated to the concept of widening international co-operation as a fundamental basis for high quality teaching and learning.

We consider a continuous international and cross cultural development crucial for our institution and therefore we aim at increasing international activities, including student and staff mobility. As part of the ongoing improvements to the structure of our institution we also wish to exchange knowledge on management and development of educational programmes in an international environment.

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