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When a business chooses an intern from KEA, it gets a professionally competent student who works with concrete solutions and can easily start working on the business's tasks.  

The internship takes place by the student becoming associated with one or more of the regular employees in the business. The student enters into the daily life and therefore works on-site at the place of internship during normal working hours at the place of work.

The practice-based instruction at KEA produces students who are used to working in study environments that, as far as is possible, resemble the practice that they are educated for.  The intern is also already familiar with the working methods of the industry and can use the tools related to it.

This often means that an internship consists of two weeks of introduction to the business's situation, followed by concrete, usable results from the intern.

Educational level

KEA offers programmes at 3 different levels of education:



The AP level is a two-year further education study (120 ECTS), in which instruction is given as a combination of theory and practice.  This often takes place in the form of theoretical classroom instruction and project work with cases and problems from businesses within the industry with which the study is related. 

In order to be admitted to an AP study, you must have completed an upper secondary education. 


There are two types of BA studies at KEA, namely a top-up and a full BA.

A top-up study is a 1½-year long graduate study after an AP study. The combination of the two studies results in a BA. A full BA is a 3½-year long combined study.

The instruction in a BA study is still a combination of practice and theory, and the student becomes qualified for a job in a business. 


The following table shows KEA's different studies and programmes with regard to level.



Full BA (3½ years)

BA of Architectural Technology and Construction Management (Danish / International

BA in Optometry (Danish)

BA in Business Economics and IT (International / Danish)

BA in Jewellery, Technology and Business (Danish / International



TOP-UP BA (1½ years)

BA in Design and Business (Danish / International

Product Development and Integrative Technology (Danish / International

BA in Digital Concept Development (Danish)

BA in Web Development (International)

BA in Software Development (International

BA in IT Security (Danish




AP (2 years)

Design Technology and business (Danish / international)

E-design (Danish)

Construction Technician (Danish)

Cartography and Surveying Technician (Danish)

Production Technology (Danish)

Automation Engineering (Danish)

Energy Technology (Danish)

Certified Electrician (Danish)

Plumbing and heating installer (Danish)

Computer Science (Danish / International

IT Technology (Danish

Multimedia Design and Communication (Danish / International



Admission: Upper Secondary education / Vocational Education  

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