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Only students and staff at kea can borrow materials from the library.

The yellow health insurance card is used as library card. The card is personal and can not be used by others.

The loaner is liable for all borrowed material.

The lending period is normally 1 month. Please be aware that other lending rules apply for curriculum books, new magazine issues and student assignments.

It is possible to renew your loans via the following link - provided that the material is not reserved by other loaners:



General information, recall notices and messages regarding reserved materials will be sent to loaners kea mail.

It is at any time the loaners responsibility to check his/hers kea mail, and regularly make sure that all information (name, address, cpr-number and email) is correct.

The loaner is liable for any material which have been unsuccessfully recalled because of incorrect e-mail/home address.



When returning materials to the library, it is possible to get a receipt. The receipt is your guarantee for correctly returning the material.

If a borrowed material is not returned on time, you will receive up to 3 recall messages via e-mail.

If recalled material is not returned to the library 7 days after the 3rd recall e-mail has been sent, the case will be handed over to the finance department at kea who will be responsible for sending out invoices.

An invoice covers the following: a fixed unit price pr. Book of 300, - dkk, and from august 1st 2016 an administration fee pr. Case (not pr. Book) of 150, - dkk for covering labour costs. Compendiums and magazines have a permanent compensational fee of 150, - dkk.



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