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International internships

Internships are an integrated part of all full time education programmes at KEA and count for 15 or 30 ECTS, depending on the programme.

Doing your internship abroad is a unique opportunity to develop professionally and adding international competencies to your CV, which may turn out to be of great value in your future job seeking:


  • Firstly, they provide contacts and experience with a multinational twist.  In our growing international economy, employers often like to see that you are comfortable communicating across cultures.
  • Secondly, internships abroad take you a bit further out of your comfort zone than an internship at home would.  Again, employers like to see that you are willing to take on a challenge.
  • Thirdly, in terms of subject matter, it is always helpful to expand your viewpoints by learning things from a new perspective.   A business abroad may have different best practices - when you return home, you bring those ideas back with you.
  • Fourth, if you want to really immerse yourself in the local culture, what better way than by working with the people?  Interning abroad is an amazing way to make local friends, learn the local language and feel a part of the local community.  It can enhance your overall experience and make you feel more at home.

How to get started

The internship procedure is the same as for an internship in Denmark and very similar to a job application process.

There will be specific procedures to follow and you will have one of your lecturers as your internship advisor, however for international internships we advise you to start looking for an internship company early to ensure that you have the time needed for all the practical stuff such as travel, finding a place to live and visa application.

Your internship advisor here at KEA can help you with advice and finding the right internship for you and assigning the right intern work tasks for you. Once you have an approved internship agreement, you are welcome to contact your international coordinator if you need guidance on some of the practical issues related to staying abroad as an intern or would like to apply for the Erasmus Grant.


You can apply for an ERASMUS grant if your internship company is within the European Union, EU candidate countries or EFTA/EEA countries.  Please find an introduction to the Erasmus+ Programme concerning Traineeships for students here.

The Erasmus Students network also have their own Traineeship Portal.

For questions about the application procedure, please contact your International Coordinator

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