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All residences are located in and around the city center of Copenhagen and have direct access to public transport, even though everybody uses a bike in Copenhagen. You will be able to reach campus within a maximum of 15-25 minutes by bike. You have grocery shopping opportunities within a 5-10 minutes’ walk from all residences.



KEA Housing allocate the rooms. This means that you cannot choose specific rooms or roommates. If you have certain preferences due to health problems, disability or similar you can let us know, and we will try to accommodate your needs.



All residences are furnished with basic, quality furniture. The rooms contain one bed, a table and chair, dresser/wardrobe, desk lamp, duvet and pillow. In the common areas/kitchens your find a dining table and chairs. Also all kitchens are equipped with basic kitchen utensils, pots, pans, cutlery, crockery and a water boiler. If you need special housekeeping items such as microwaves or iron and iron board you will have to purchase them.

All rooms have or have access to a vacuum cleaner, a mop and bucket. Detergents are not included.

All rooms have or have access to a washing machine and tumble dryer.



You will need to bring bed sheets and linens (90 x 200 cm), towels and your personal belongings. Everything else you might need you can buy nearby the student residences. It is not allowed to bring extra furniture into the rooms or apartments.



Depending on the room size, rent varies from 3300 – 4000 DKK per month and includes water, heating and electricity. KEA Housing provides a complimentary Wi-Fi.

Students also pay a deposit of 4000 DKK. The deposit is a security for KEA in case of breach of contract and missing rent payments or if tenants do not leave the apartment and/or room clean and in a proper condition when moving out. The deposit does not cover the last rent payment. Expenses for extra cleaning and repairs will be drawn from the deposit. If the room and apartment is left as received and there are no outstanding amounts to be settled the tenant can expect the full deposit back.

The first rent payment and deposit is due within a specified deadline before your arrival.



In Denmark you are legally obligated to pay a Media License. The Media License covers appliances such as TV sets, computers with internet access, mobile phones and similar electronic devices that also work as a television or a computer. The media license is not included in the rent. If you are contacted by DR Media License, you have to accept and pay the media fee amounting to 210 DKK per month.



KEA Housing will forward a tenancy agreement with information on how and when to pay the deposit and rent payments. Students must sign and return the tenancy agreement by a specified deadline.

The tenancy agreement cover one semester, in a fixed-term lease. We cannot guarantee an extension, but if you extend your studies and wish to extend your lease and stay during holidays, you need to inform KEA Housing well in advance.

When signing the tenancy agreement you agree to abide by the House Rules in place. Failure to do so is considered a breach of contract and will result in termination of the lease.

When you sign a fixed-term lease you also agree to pay rent the entire lease period. This means that you cannot terminate the lease. KEA will not refund rent payments if you move out before the expiration of the lease.

If you terminate your exchange studies under special circumstances (e.g. Force majeure), KEA Housing will for each event assess whether to refund any part of the rent payments.



KEA Housing expects students to maintain the apartment in a good condition. There is no cleaning service. As a tenant you are obliged to clean your room properly at least once a week. This is also the rule for the common areas, kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, KEA Housing oblige students to make a weekly cleaning schedule, so that everyone gets involved in this task.

If the apartment need maintenance or furniture, equipment and installations need repairs or replacement you need to contact the landlord or the janitors (find contact forms under “CONTACT”).



KEA Housing does not cover theft and damages of personal belongings during a break-in in your apartment or room. Make sure you have home insurance.

Damage to inventory caused by a tenants or a tenants’ visitors must be paid for by the tenants or their insurance. We recommend that you purchase a public liability insurance.

KEA does not offer insurance of personal belongings, public liability or any other kind.

If KEA’s inventory is stolen or broken during a break-in KEA Housing will cover the expenses.

As a European citizen, make sure to have a European Health Insurance Card. This will cover your first weeks in Denmark. You obtain it from the local authorities in your home country. International, overseas students must obtain a private travel health insurance.



With your accommodation offer you will receive all the practical information regarding move in date, how to get your keys, etc. Directions can be found under the description of each residence.



For directions to the residences go to the specific residence, using the left hand menu. You can also always use and choose English in the top right corner. You have the option to insert your time of departure/arrival to get an updated schedule of public transportation. Please note that you have to write “København H” for Copenhagen Central Station.



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