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House Rules

Please follow these simple rules to ensure the safety, comfort, wellbeing and enjoyment of everyone in the residence.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in a warning. Subsequent violations may result in an immediate termination of your lease.


  • Do not smoke inside the residence at any time.
  • Do no sublet the residence.
  • Do not store or use drugs in the residence.
  • Do not have overnight guests.
  • Do not bring any additional furniture into the residence.
  • Do not make any additional keys to the residence. New keys are to be ordered through KEA Housing. The cost of DKK 400 will be deducted from your deposit.
  • Do not have any barbeques at the residence, nor on the balconies.
  • As a tenant, you must continuously keep the accommodation clean. This also means that you must dispose of all rubbish in the appropriate containers in the courtyard. The lids on rubbish containers must be able to shut tight.
  • Tenants at KEA Housing are obligated to have a house meeting in the beginning of each semester. At the meeting, the tenants must agree on a cleaning schedule and a set of common rules for living together, having guests, etc.
  • Do not hang any posters, pictures, mirrors or the like that may cause damage to the walls or wallpaper. If the walls or wallpaper are damaged, the expenses will be withdrawn from your deposit.
  • Do not play loud music after 22:00 hrs.
  • Do not have parties during weekdays. Large social gatherings/parties (more than 8 people) must be agreed upon by all roommates and approved by KEA Housing 14 days in advance. If you wish to have a large social gathering/party, you must announce this to the other residents by hanging up notes one week in advance. Contact KEA Housing for a template. You must lower the sound level on any neighbour’s request.
  • As a tenant at KEA Housing you must show flexibility and let service providers, e.g.  janitors, electrical/heating/gas companies, in when needed.

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