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Living in Copenhagen you will experience: 

  • A low crime rate
  • A high quality education system
  • Publicly funded health care
  • High income per citizen
  • Low levels of unemployment
  • Social equality
  • A high quality bicycle infrastructure

Fun Facts

36% of all trips are made on bicycle. Copenhagen city council provides high quality bicycle paths separated from other traffic.

36% of all citizens commute to work, school or university by bicycle, resulting in 1.3 million km travelled on bike every day.

6% of all trips are made on foot. Copenhagen is also known as a ‘walking-friendly’ city.

The Global Peace Index rates Denmark as one of the world’s most peaceful countries and in 2011 Transparency International named Denmark the World’s Least Corrupt Country.

Mercer Quality of Living Report has ranked Copenhagen among its "World’s Best Cities to Live In".

Danes speak Danish, but Danes were recently named best non-native English speakers in the world by the European Commission.

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