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Internships for a Business oriented education

KEA offers a number of very different academy and bachelor programmes with one common feature – they are all oriented towards the business sector and attach an equal amount of weight to theory and practice. Cooperation with enterprises in Denmark and abroad is therefore important to the quality of the programmes offered by KEA.

An internship period is cooperation

An internship period (of a minimum duration of 10 weeks) is a mandatory part of all the programmes. It gives you as a student the chance to test your knowledge and skills in an authentic work environment during the course of your study. Enterprises have a chance of directly influencing future employees in the business and trying out potential employees, and students often provide a fresh input to an enterprise. 

If you want to know more about internships at KEA, please contact our Internship Coordinators.


Types of internships

We offer five different types of internships – certain programmes only offer type 1 or 1+2.

  1. Work placement internship: You are involved in the everyday work at a company on an equal footing with other employees and will thus be physically present at the job location within normal working hours.
  2. Project-oriented internship: In close collaboration with a company you will develop a project without having to be physically present at the work place every day.
  3. Virtual internship: You will cooperate with a company on a project and the internship is conducted via virtual means such as phone, email and web communication.
  4. Entrepreneurial internship: You professionalize your own relevant business or concrete business idea in dialogue with relevant stakeholders, user groups and external mentors.
  5. International Internships are work placements at companies abroad. You can apply for a scholarship to do your internship in another EU country.

Your internship can be carried through in collaboration with one or more companies. This entails a large amount of flexibility when you/we are to plan the course of your internship.

How to get started

To apply for an internship position is very similar to a job application process. You need to actively research your options based on your wishes and competences and apply accordingly. We advise you to start this process early in your studies to ensure your success.

KEA can help you with advice about CV, motivation letter and finding the right internship for you.

Students  are required to complete a Training Agreement before departure reflecting relevant tasks and learning goals. Internships are an integrated part of all full time courses and count for 15 or 30 ECTS, depending on the course. The internship includes a mid-way and final evaluation and assessment.


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