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To better understand the Danish education system you can see a chart of the different educations offered at KEA and how they can be combined below.

Levels of education at KEA

KEA offers programmes at 3 different levels of education:


The illustration shows how the different education levels are ranked in the education system, and how they mutually interact.

For an in depth explanation of the different types of educations go to Programmes.

Study form at KEA

All study programmes are developed in close partnership with businesses to ensure students gain insight into real-life situations and industry needs. Tuition is project based and businesses take active part in evaluating student skills. An internship placement (of a minimum duration of 10 weeks) is mandatory, allowing students to test their knowledge and skills in a real-world work environment.

At KEA, we believe that learning is a social activity, therefore most assignments are carried out in project groups of 3 to 5 people.

The Danish education System

Danish higher education features innovative teaching methods and an informal learning environment. You can read about the Danish style of teaching here.

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