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Design, Technology and Business

The Design, Technology and Business AP programme is a two-year course with two international specialisations, each aimed at different sectors and markets within the fashion and lifestyle industries, and within the communication and media industry. 

Over the AP Programme of four intense semesters, you will gain a holistic understanding of the value chain, and specialised knowledge and competencies within your specialisation. 

This will enable you to work for example, as a trendspotter, concept developer, graphic artist, brand designer or sustainable fashion designer– this of course depends on your particular programme specialisation.

Every student on the first semester at the Design, Technology and Business programme, studies the basic subjects design, technology and business. This ensures that you have professional competencies and a sound basic knowledge of the value chain’s mutual relationships when you begin your specialisation in the second semester.

During the specialisation, you will work with theory, method and practice through exercises, assignments, projects and cases in collaboration with companies. Some of the projects are designed for students to carry out on their own, while others are team based.

In the last part of the third semester, you will be placed in a company in Denmark or abroad, to gain work experience. Work experience will enable you to apply your competencies in practice, and you will gain useful experience in work while you build up a network.

In the fourth semester, you will be offered an optional subject, which will provide you with an opportunity to make your specialisation more individual. At the end of the fourth semester, you will independently complete a project in which a company problem is analysed, clarified and a solution proposal is devised in a written report, and you will present product solutions at an oral examination. 

You will choose which specialisation you want to be enrolled on already at the admission test. You may choose between one of the following two specialisations:

Sustainable Fashion Design: You will work creatively, innovatively, conceptually and in a practice-orientate way, with clothing design and accessories in a sustainable and markets-oriented context. You will work with design processes, styling, visualisation, aesthetics, culture and trends. Read more.

Marketing and Communication Design: You will work with both visual and written marketing, concept development, communication design, graphic design and branding based on analyses of the target group, context, market, culture and trends. Read more.


1st semester:
Common semester for all students covering the basic subjects:
Design, Business and Technology (30 ECTS)

2nd semester: Classes in the specialisation you are enrolled in (30 ECTS):
Sustainable Fashion Design or Marketing & Communication Design

3rd semester:
 Continued classes in the specialisation you are enrolled in (15 ECTS): Sustainable Fashion Design or Marketing & Communication Design.

Internship (15 ECTS)

Sustainable Fashion Design or Marketing & Communication Design

4th semester: 
Classes in specialized electives (15 ECTS)

Final project (15 ECTS)


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