Jewellery, technology and business (BA) ::

Jewellery, technology and business (BA)

The focus of the study programme is jewellery. Both how one makes it in a traditional way and by using modern technology, but also to a great extent how jewellery is conceptualized, produced, marketed and sold – nationally and internationally. We also focus on Wearable Technology, Makers Movement and The Quantified Self seen in relation to the jewellery industry of the future.

You will work with design of jewellery, product development, business, aesthetics, materials, concepts, trends, cultural understanding, innovation, marketing, and value and supply chain. In short, you will learn about the entire process from idea to sold jewel.

During your study you will have close contact to the business community. You write assignments in cooperation with companies which gives you the possibility to test your skills in practice and get useful experience with working in the trade. This means that already as a BA student in jewellery, technology and business at KEA, you will establish a ready-to-use connection and network to the trade. You will, during your study, get to visit both companies and educational institutions in Denmark and abroad – e.g. in connection with travels, internship and exchange.

In theory, in practice and in method you learn to plan, manage and carry out complex processes independently that lead to innovative and creative solutions within jewellery. For example you will work academically and in practice with the function of jewellery, emotional design, sustainability and choice of material in relation to jewelries’ form and aesthetics.

You will learn to work with 3D-print, prototypes and production both in relation to unique (one-off piece) jewellery and mass production. Based on the value and supply chain you will learn to analyze concepts’ financial sustainability in the market and optimize production and logistics processes. Afterwards you can work as a for example jewellery designer, brand designer, brand coordinator, within jewellery management or as a 3D-consultant/designer/developer, production coordinator, prototype consultant and developer, jewellery designer/engineer, social media coordinator, production sales administrator or retail customer consultant.  

The 2018 intake will be fully-taught in English.

Structure of the programme

1st semester: 
Jewellery and tools (15 ETCS)
Tools and materials (15 ETCS)

2nd semester: 
Business and market (15 ECTS)
Jewellery concepts (15 ECTS)

3rd semester: 
Form and aesthetics (15 ECTS)
Method and communication (15 ETCS)

4th semester: 
Business and innovation (15 ECTS)
Jewellery, concept and identity (15 ECTS)

5th semester:
Business and customers (15 ECTS)
Jewellery and innovation (15 ECTS)

6th semester:  
Internship (30 ETCS)

7th semester:
From idea to finished product (15 ECTS)

Bachelor project (15 ECTS)


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