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Apple Girl skaber nye og 100 procent biologisk nedbrydelige produkter af

resterne fra cider-produktion.


Rikke Borch, a BA student at Jewellery, Technology and Business, has attended a big international conference in Leeds to give a presentation on” Unwanted Jewellery”, and on how we can produce less and still make more women happy.

Brittany and Michelle has spent the past three months sewing. Each piece of clothing from Re.Imagine is hand-made, and that includes the collection for the Red Cross, created from recycled materials.

Hungarian Fanni Fabian and Danish Julie Christensen have just finished a project at their Design & Business bachelor for the sustainable company Kara Weaves in India. Kara Weaves has produced and showcased a mini-collection designed by Fanni and Julie at Berlin Fashion Week...

KEA students from Jewellery, Technology and Business have joined students from Computer Science in creating eleven products that combine wearables with design. Some of the products focus on the sense of community and the stories between people, while others have a medicinal...

Fish skin treated in urine, soft sneakers made of wood and surfers clothing made from recycled fishing net. These were just some of the ideas that impressed NIKE at the recent opening of the exhibition “Moving into the future – NIKE + KEA collaboration”.


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