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The deadline for application is April 18th and the grant is awarded at an event Friday May 19th from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM at KEA Guldbergsgade.

Students at KEA are working closely with businesses from day one – in part because of internships. Now, students can nominate their internship companies for KEA Internship of the Year.

Last fall, several students from KEA’s BUILD programmes participated in an International Architecture workshop in Belgrade. One of the workshop groups delivered such a great result that the city council has decided to build their project.

With the help from KEA-students, Danish Wiredelta has developed an AI assistant, which builds scalable websites and apps for free with several possibilities for customization - no coding skills required.

A team of 21 students from e-Design and Multimedia Design are right now on an action packed two week trip to San Francisco to visit, among others, Indiegogo, Google and Zendesk, and where ‘Business Dragons’ will challenge the students' start-up ideas.

As part of a semester project, H&M gave 210 Danish and International Design Technology students the task to devise a new, fictional and sustainable concept for the Swedish giant-brand. The task sparked numerous original ideas


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