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Internship at KEA

All KEA-students must do an unpaid full-time internship as a mandatory part of their education.

Call +45 46460061 or send an e-mail to if you have questions regarding internship.

Or post an internship advertisement in our job portal to find your future intern.

You can see the full internship guide for companies here.

Internship advertisement

In order to receive as relevant and targeted applications as possible, an internship advertisement should include information about:

  • Company – Industry and size
  • Type of work tasks and/or projects that the intern may participate in
  • The team/organization that the intern will be a part of
  • Expectations to the student’s professional and personal profile
  • Contact person – E-mail and/or telephone number
  • Desired period
  • Language: Danish and/or English

You can post the advertisement directly on KEAs internship and job portal

When are the students doing internship?

Below you can see the upcoming internship periods for students in the various study programmes under KEA’s four programme areas.


BUILD - Upcoming internship periods

20 August 2018—11 January 2019:
BA in Architectural Technology and Construction Management

27 August 2018—2 November 2018:
AP degree in Surveying and Mapping


DIGITAL – Upcoming internship periods

20 August 2018—26 October 2018:
AP degree in Computer Science
BA in IT Security
BA in Software Development
BA in Web Development

27 August 2018—2 November 2018:
AP degree in Multimedia Design & Communication
BA in Digital Concept Development


DESIGN - Upcoming internship periods

7 June 2018—7 September 2018:
BA in Design & Business (10 weeks within the period)

27 August 2018—18 January 2019:
BA in Jewellery, Technology & Business

5 November 2018-22 January 2019:
AP degree in Design, Technology & Business


TECH - Upcoming internship periods

20 August 2018—26 October 2018: 
AP degree in IT Networks and Electronics Technology
AP degree in Production Technology
BA in Product Development & Technical Integration

27 August 2018—2 November 2018: 
AP degree in Service Engineering (Electricity)

1 August 2018—31 January 2019: 
BA in Optometry (1st internship period)

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