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Case based learning

KEA has a profound focus on practice oriented learning. That means that KEA students not only learn about things. They also learn how to do things – and do them well. KEA at the same time maintains a business perspective in our educations. This means that KEA students are able to deliver high quality, tangible results in the form of products with a plausible business model to back it up.

We want our students to be ready to contribute in a work environment from the day they graduate. That is why we have mandatory internships for all programmes and base as much of our teaching as possible on real life cases for real life businesses.

We have a lot of experience in turning business challenges into interesting case stories that evokes inspiration and leads to innovative solutions.

If you wish KEA students to work intensively with your company’s challenges please contact KEA Business at 

Share your challenges

KEA encourages businesses to give tasks to the students using one of the following two models:

The task is given to a project group.

In this case, the project group spends an entire semester working to solve a specific problem presented by a company. The project work is carried out in cooperation with the company, and the company typically plays the role of 'customer' in relation to the project group. At the end of the project, the business receives a thorough solution to its initial problem.

The task is given to an entire year group in a relevant programme.

The year group is typically given two weeks to carry out the task, after which the business will provide feedback about the solution proposals. This particular way of collaborating yields many solutions, but given the short time frame, the solutions are often not quite finished. The year group may agree to finish particular projects of particular interest to the company.

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