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Sharpen your search process

How to get started with finding background information


Step 1 – The Library Database

Log on to the Library Database with your CPR number and your 4 digit code (usually the 4 last digits of your CPR number).

If you are looking for a specific topic, search in the Free Text field. If you are searching for a specific title, use the Author or Title fields. You can use “?” to truncate words or names in any of the search fields. Using the search term “Ste?” in the Author Field, will give you results for Steen, Steve, Stella etc. 

If you are unsure of the proper title of a book your teacher talked about in class, you can try truncating. For example, searching for “The good?” in the Title field, will give you the following results: The good paper, Javascript: the good parts etc. 


Step 2 – The Digital Library

Find the login to the Digital Library on Fronter (in the Library page). Locate your education under Digital Library and browse the different resources that are relevant for your studies. Follow the guidelines on how to login and use each resource. 


Step 3 – Ask the librarian at the reference desk

Not finding anything relevant? Drop by at the library at Guldbergsgade and ask us for help.


Still stuck?

If you have gone through the 3 abovementioned steps, and are still feeling stuck or lacking background information and sources for your assignment, you can send an e-mail to the library at

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