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After confirming your study with us, you must wait at least 7 days before applying for SU. It is important that you wait until you can see on that your new education is the first on the list. If you apply too early, you risk that your application will be rejected and the process delayed.

It is your own responsibility to apply for SU in time and to keep updated during your study.


  • You can apply for SU for the month of September/February 1 month before at the ealiest
  • Please note that you are not entitled to SU for August/January, as the education starts after the 20. of the month.


  • Please be aware that you can apply for SU from the month you are in. SU cannot be applied retroactively.  
  • Please DO NOT extend your previous education, New education, new application!
  • Summer intake: You can apply for SU for July and August if you have completed your AP-degree in June. 

FOR ALL STUDENTS: FAQ – Below you will find answers to the most common questions regarding SU for EU-citizens while studying at KEA

Do you have questions that you cannot find in the FAQ or on, please do as follows;

Have you been admitted to:


BA in Architechtual Technology of Construction Management

– write to 


BA in Jewellery, Technology and Business

BA in Design & Business, Design, Technology & Business

– write to


BA in Business Economics and IT

BA in Digital Concept Development

BA in Web Development

BA in Software Development

Computer Science

Multimedia designer

– write to


BA in Product Development and Integrative Technology

IT-technology or Production Technologist

– write to


You must apply for SU yourself. All the information you need to apply is available here; and here;

It is your own responsibility to stay informed regarding SU.  

Can I get SU while I am studying at KEA? 

Yes, you can apply for SU one month before starting at KEA at the earliest. Remember that it is important that you follow the instructions you receive by e-mail when admitted to KEA. If you cannot find your NEW education programme on the SU website, please contact your SU counselor. 

How do I apply?

You enter and apply with your nemID. You need someone Danish next to you, as everything is in Danish. When you apply, you get access to the “Foreign Citizen” form that you must print out, fill out by hand and hand in to KEA Student Affairs together with a copy of your residence permit, copies of your recent pay slips and a copy of your passport.

You must hand in the documents needed within 21 days, or you must apply online again.

How much SU can I get? 

On please check the current rates.  

Can I get a SU loan ?  

Yes, you can get a SU loan while receiving your SU grant. You can apply for the loan on minSU.  

Remember to approve your plan for the loan in minSU. You will NOT receive your loan before you have approved your plan.

Be aware that you must pay back the loan, read more here; 

Read more about SU loan here;

How long from applying until receiving money from SU?  

When you have applied, SU takes up to 10 weeks – in some cases it might take longer – to handle your application. SU is paid out to you on the last working day of the month before you are entitled to SU.

Can I receive disability allowance? 

You can apply on minSU and read about disability allowances here;

SPS counselor – for students with special needs 

If you have dyslexia, a very bad back or special needs that the school needs to know of, please read more here;, and contact our SPS counselor Lea Thorbek on e-mail;, for any questions. 

Are there any deadlines regarding SU that I need to remember?

Yes. Please read here; 

Regarding SU loans and deadlines you need to read this information;

Can I get a discount on transportation to school ? 

Yes, you can save money if you get a “Ungdomskort”. You can read more and apply for a Ungdomskort here; - If you cannot find your education programme on the list, please contact KEA Student Affairs at the address of your school. 


All information from SU goes to your e-boks. Please keep an eye on your e-boks for any information or documentation needed by SU. 

What happens if I have applied SU for a wrong education/school? 

Your application will be refused. If you find out yourself, on either e-boks or, please contact KEA Student Affairs at the address of your school, this will speed up the process.

Can I receive SU if I am a student from the EU? 

Yes, if you have a job of 11 hours a week, and 43 hours a month with an hourly wage of minimum DKK 100.00. Read more here;


Can I call the SU board myself?

Yes, you can but they will most likely ask you to contact KEA Student Affairs at your education programme. 

How much can I earn AND receive SU? 

You can see how much you can earn while receiving SU here; 

You can also find a calculator through the link where you can calculate your tax-free amount. It is your own responsibility to calculate your tax-free amount correctly. Always remember to include your holiday allowance in your total income. The holiday allowance counts in your total income the year that you receive the allowance. 

Can I receive SU during my internship?  

To receive SU during your unpaid internship, you must have a paid job of minimum 11 hours a week and 43 hours a month and earn a minimum of DKK 100.00 an hour. If you do not meet these requirements, you cannot receive SU while on internship. 

Can I receive more in SU grant and SU loan, if I become a parent during my education? 

Yes, you apply on MinSU. Read more about becoming a parent during your education and the possibilities of receiving more SU here;

Can I get more in SU grant and SU loan if I am already a parent when I start my new education? 

Yes, you apply on MinSU. Read more here;

Can I receive SU if I am on a leave from my education? 


Can I get “slutlån”?

Yes, if you do not have any more SU-clips left on your current education, you have the option to apply for “slutlån”(final loan). Read more about the “slutlån” here;

Can I receive SU if I have not completed my education as planned? 

Yes, you can apply on MinSU through the link “Ret din SU” (Correct my SU) –> ”Forlæng uddannelsen” (Extend my education). It is very important that you do not make a new application – this will prolong the process.


Can I receive SU if I am absent because of illness? 

Yes, if you have an employment contract entitling you to payment during illness. Also you must make sure to hand in a copy of a statement from your doctor regarding your illness, with the exact date of start and supposed end of you illness. The dates of beginning and end must be included. 

Read more here;

Can I still get a discount on transportation while I am absent from my study, due to illness? 

Yes, you can. 


Do I receive SU for my current education during the summer holiday?

Yes, unless you have chosen not to receive SU during the holiday. You have the right to 6 weeks of vacation a year with a maximum of 4 coherent weeks. The SU office can demand a confirmation letter stating your holiday period, from your employer. Keep an eye on your e-boks in case the SU office contacts you.  

Can I receive SU in July and August, if I have been admitted to a Top-Up education? 

Yes, and to do so you must apply for SU within the month that you are notified about admission, it is very important that you follow the guide in the acceptance letter from Admission office. You can receive SU from the month in which you apply. It is very important that you do not choose the link “Forlæng uddannelsen” (Expand the education). You must apply for SU for your new Top Up education. Again, please read the information you receive in your acceptance letter carefully. If you cannot find your new education programme in the application, then please contact your SU-counselor at your KEA Study Administration. 


When is the deadline for applying for SU grant and SU loan?

The deadline for applying for SU and SU loan during the same year is December 5. If you apply for SU after December 5 that year, the earliest you can receive SU is in January the following year. 

Read more about the New Year deadline here; 

When is the deadline for changes or corrections in my SU loan plan? 

The deadline for making changes in your SU loan is 15 December. Read more here; 

SU loan for the next year;  

At the end of November, the SU board sends out a loan plan covering the next year. It is important that you remember to approve this plan so that your SU can continue without problems. 


What happens if my situation changes? 

You can read here about living, work or family-related changes in your life:ændringer-i-din-situation/ 

How far is my SU application in the process? 

Keep track on your application on MinSU or on your e-boks. Please do that before contacting your SU counselor. 

Is there a place where I can get answers to my questions without asking my SU counselor? 

On there is a link called “Hjælp til selvhjælp”. On this link you can learn all about conditions for SU and NemID. 

Why do I pay so much tax? 

The SU board automatically extracts information from SKAT (the tax authorities), so you need to contact SKAT, if you think that you pay too much tax. 

What do I do if the SU board needs additional information regarding my application? 

Through, you can send the information the SU board needs yourself. It is important that you do as follows; -> login with your NemID -> choose “Digital post” -> choose “Write new post” -> choose “Styrelsen for Institutioner og Uddannelsesstøtte” -> choose “SU (Statens Uddannelsesstøtte)”. Then you have 4 options. Choose the one related to your situation and send it to the SU board.  

What do I do if I have received too much in SU grant or SU loan and need to pay it back?

If you need to pay back some of the money you received from SU, you need to contact Udbetaling Danmark on; +45 70 11 12 13.

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