BA In Product Development And Integrative Technology ::

The Bachelor degree in product development and integrative technology focuses on how to integrate and coordinate technical, creative and business-oriented parts of a development process.

A small part of the education is divided in 3 separate programmes depending on your qualifying AP:

  • Development of products and production (AP Graduate in Production Technology)

  • Automation and Service Engineering (AP Graduate in Service Engineering, automation and energy technology)

  • IT Network and Electronics Technology (AP Graduate in IT Technology)

You will work on the problems of combining different and new technical solutions with the integration of different skills and backgrounds to develop and deliver the best possible product to the customer, no matter if it is a physical product or a non-physical product, like consulting, know-how, skills etc.

You will be asked to take your own background as a basis and define your competences, including your limitations, and apply them in a working group. The purpose is to build up an efficient project group of mixed skills and backgrounds with the help of external resources, so that the joint forces can develop and deliver the best possible solution to a given technical problem. 

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